Competing Federal Cannabis Bills

With multiple different cannabis bills by both Democrats and Republicans working through committees in congress right now, home growers and freedom fighters need to be on our game. The fact that neither of these parties have ever demonstrated any interest in ensuring the right to grow your own is obvious in past, state level actions. In fact, both political parties, the vast majority of the industry, celebrities looking at the industry, and even non-grower, non-activist members of the community have shown either a complete ignorance to the forces aligning against homegrower rights or, are part of those forces. As federal policy changes take shape, we can expect the same strategy of axing homegrower rights in the bargaining process that we encounter so often at the state/local level. In states that homegrower rights are protected to one extent or another, those rights will almost assuredly be jeopardized during the negotiations over federal-level changes. And in places that do not have homegrow clauses already, if federal law passes excluding/prohibiting it, chances are that will be the case for a very long time. So far as I can tell, homegrower rights, if not included in original laws, are never enacted later, and I see no reason to think that changes to federal law would be any different. Please stand up for our rights as this next chapter in the cannabis story is written. Anyone looking to become active in this freedom fight can reach out to us and we will attempt to get info regarding what actions are needed, as well as when and where where they are needed to you. Good luck!

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