South Dakota Tricksters

Once again the lawmakers in South Dakota are running roughshod over the will of the voters in regards to cannabis. In 2020, the citizens of South Dakota passed a ballot initiative legalizing cannabis, including home grower rights. The governor instantly brought it to a halt by challenging the state constitutionality of it, thereby tying it up in court for years to come. The claim was that it violated the states “single issue” clause of the state constitution. Well, setbacks based on bullshit are nothing new to the cannabis community, and activists went right back to it. A new initiative was written that avoided the issue used to hang the previous one up in court. In a chicken shit move called adopt and amend, the state legislature is in the process of a move that is becoming standard operating procedure in some states; Adopt citizen ballot measures and initiatives, then amend them to suite their desires. This always means stripping language protecting homegrowers, as well as a litany of other moves used to ensure that the big monied corporate pirates, and increasingly their prohibitionist investors are going to be the primary recipients of the benefits of new laws. If you live in South Dakota and are registered to vote, you are urgently needed to help gather enough signatures to put a real legalization initiative on the ballot. The organization SDBML (South Dakotans For Better Marijuana Laws) has until November 8th to collect 16,961 valid signatures to get true legalization on the 2022 ballot.

We have seen time and time again that if Homegrower rights are not included from the start, they will never be. And even if you include those rights in the initial law, it will always be a target from both prohibitionist and big cannabis, two things that are starting to look way to similar. If we, as Homegrowers don’t unite and fight, we will be served up as sacrifice. The time is now to state loud and clear: THERE IS NO LEGALIZATION WITHOUT THE RIGHT TO GROW YOUR OWN CANNABIS, ON YOUR OWN LAND, PERIOD. Please click the link below to volunteer.