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CLINKER: Peach Supernova by Rhizo Rich X OG Kush auto-flower from Dank Seeds MI. These seeds are F2s of photo-period offspring from this cross. There is about a 1 in 50 chance of any given seed having auto flower traits, but I have not actually come across any yet. The flower time for the ones I have run has been very short, 48-55 days. This is likely a carry over from the auto flower genes. All of the phenos I have run/seen have been very colorful. Scent and flavor have been consistently in the grape soda spectrum, with some leaning more toward the berries. Moderate yields. Clinker is the nickname of my childhood best friend and first person I consumed cannabis with, Clinton Rowe Olsen, 1976-2000 R.I.P.

Wigglebutt {feminized}

WIGGLEBUTT {feminized} : Clinker by C.H.G.C. X White Widow {Reversed} from Dank Seeds MI. These seeds come from the Clinker breeders cut mom, pollinated with White Widow reversed. Many of these throw a good amount of purple. They are all over the place in scent and flavor, from grapes and nuts to black licorice to burnt popcorn. Wigglebutt is my nickname for my little boxer/pit. She is all over the place as well.