I have been involved with cannabis on some level or another for over 30 years, and I know this: For myself and many others who have a lifetime of blood, sweat, and many tears invested in getting things to this point, the right to grow your own, should you so choose, was always what the freedom fight was about. The “cannabis industry” was just something inevitable that would come along with the fight. Along the way, this whole dynamic got rolled over on itself.

Home grower rights end up being the sacrificial lamb offered up every time new places attempt to legalize cannabis. And narrow, very corrupt and cartel-like arrangements take shape to funnel money and control to a very select few (often some of the same people and organizations that endeavored to maintain prohibition). True freedom and legalization means you have the right to grow cannabis on your own property without fear of legal repercussions or undo interference from unreasonable restrictions. Period.

There will always be plenty of people who would rather just go buy something than grow it themselves, and there is nothing wrong with industry providing that avenue. There is something wrong when the industry treats the right to grow your own as a threat or, to be honest, even when the industry doesn’t defend those that cleared the brambles and paved the way for the golden roads into the “Green rush”.

This organization is dedicated to being a place for freedom fighters to network and keep the home grower community informed and mobilized. Prohibitionist nonsense will be a problem for years to come, and bad actors in the commercial cannabis realm will always need watchdogs. We will be there to call them out and fight for the rights of home growers everywhere.